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Prophetic words are down further.........this part about God's Word..........Know God & understand His Word,what He speaks:
God has warned us in His Word, and everyone denies what God has
said,saying , oh God spoke that before , it does not apply to now.
GOD OR HIS WORD NEVER EVER CHANGES**********************************8
God is the same today as He was Yesterday,tomorrow & forever.He never changes , nor does His Word.Heb.4:12 The Word of God is Quick,powerful,sharper then a 2 edged sword,piercing even to dividing asunder of soul & spirit ,joints,marrow & a discerner of the thoughts & intents of the heart.////Matt.24:35 My words will never disappear,heaven & earth shall pass away,BUT My Words shall NOT pass away.Isaiah13:11 God will punish the World ( sinners)world means sinners..............Deut.32:39 God said, I AM HE also Ex.3:13-15 God said, I AM HE, Now let's look at John8:24 Jesus said, if you do not believe that I AM HE you will die in your sins............1Peter2:8 God's Word is the ROCK of offense to them which stumble at the Word of God being disobedient.///deut.8:3 & Matt.4:4 we are to live by every word that came from the mouth of God.///Ex.32:16 all the Tables were written by the Hand of God,,,2Peter1:21 God Spoke & Holy men of God Wrote ( as God spoke!!)understand?let us continue a moment longer, determining that the Word of God(the Holy Bible) are the words from God Himself !!2Tim.3:16 all scripture is spoken by God//1Tim.6:1-4 v.3 if anyone teaches otherwise from this doctrine (God's Doctrine, His Word!!)& consent NOT to the wholesome words of Jesus Christ & this doctrine which is according to Godliness ;they are knowing nothing,but are doting about w.questions & strifes of words,whereof comes envy,strife,perverse disputings, they are people with corrupt minds & destitute of the truth,from such w/draw yourselves.////Now let us look at what God laid out for us to live by, in teaching us HOW see:Lev.18 God's standards for us to live by ///Lev.19 God teaches us holiness in our personal conduct...Lev.20 God's Punishment for disobedience (deut.8:3& Matt.4:4 ( let us not ever forget)///Lev.20:5God will Punish you for commiting spiritual Prostitution by worship of other gods ;when you call on a spirit other then God, that is your god, also other ( false ) doctrines other then this doctrine Gal.1:6-8 and there is none other then this one.(teaching other doctrines not this one, is spiritual prostitution & spiritual adultery.)
***************ASKING SPIRITS OF THE DEAD*********FORBIDDEN BY GOD*******
Deut.18:9-12 Necromancer, is one who asks of the dead it is clearly condemned & an abomination to God.ea time you ask another spirit other then God, you indeed are asking the dead(because their body has died, so to you, they are dead.and they cannot hear you , so you call up demon spirits who then possess you.///that is why God forbids it, besides He is a Jealous God.(He even said, these honor Me with their lips,while their hearts are far from Me: and to these, He will say,"Depart from Me you cursed into everlasting destruction,for I never knew you :( Deut.27:11 are the Curses from God to the disobedient.////Deut.28 are the consequences of disobedience unto God & His Word////Deut.7:9 KNOW the Lord your God, He is God,the faithful God which keeps covenant & Mercy with them that Love Him & Keep His Commandments to a thousand generations I submit to you:a thousand generations everybody means forever & ever Deut.4:9 Fear the Lord your God all the days you shall live upon this earth & teach your children./////Prov.6:16-19 7 sins God hates and are an abomination to Him ///Now you are saying, we are not under the law anymore, that was for the old test. not for us today!!Now look back to Deut.8:3 & Matt.4:4 & Deut.7:9
********************GOD'S WORD NEVER CHANGED OR REPLACED***************
No where in God's entire Word was He ever replaced by another nor was His Word ever changed*(Christ redeemed us from the curse of the law ( of atonement) Understand here, by Christ we are free in Him(new covenant in His Blood written in our hearts & minds!!yes..Jesus did NOT destroy the Law of Moses, the New Test. is not contradictory to the Old test.BUT the fulfillment of the spiritual intention of the law-the law degenerated into legalism w. the pharisees(Jesus took the LAW beyond the outward Observance to the Inner Spiritual intention of God Matt.5:17/////Gal.3:24 the law is what has brought us born again believers unto Christ & salvation!! 1Tim.1:9 the law is for sinners,the ungodly,the lawless & disobedient///////////
*********GOD WARNS,NO SIN EVER ENTERS INTO HIS KINGDOM********************
God warns us in 1Cor.6:9,10.. no sin enters into heaven(abominations are listed)also Gal.5:19-21 whoever practices sin will NOT see heaven(luke13:3 if you do not REPENT, turn away from sins to Christ , you(your soul will perish(in hell Mark9:45,46 & the Lake Rev.20:10-14////knowing all of this now, we can look at prophecy!!(1st looking at scriptures of warnings from God)so you can comprehend & see what is going on right now by the very hand of God.ok?
**************STORMS ARE FROM GOD**********************************************
see Psalm18:12,13 God destroyed their vines with hail & sycamore trees with frost,their cattle with hail & their flocks with hot thunderbolts Ezek.13:13 God said,I will send with a stormy wind in my fury and an overflowing shower of My Anger,great hail stones in my fury to consume......Psalm11:6God said:upon the wicked I will rain snares,fire& brimstone & a horrible tempest;this shall be the portion of their cup.///Ps.30:4 God has gathered the winds in His Fists.Eccl.1:6 the wind goes to the S turns to the N whirls continually & returns again according to God's circuits(tornados & huricanes)////Jer.49:31,32 upon the wealthy nation , they dwell without care, no gates, no bars,The Multitude of their cattle will be spoiled and I will scatter into the winds all and I will Bring their calamity from all sides///Jer.18:7 in an instant I shall speak concerning a nation ( a people)to pluck it up & pull it down and destroy it, if they repent of their evil then I will Repent of the evil I thought to do unto them.Jer.51:1 I will raise up against them that rise up against Me , a destroying wind & empty their land///last look at Isaiah11:15 The Lord shall destroy the tongue of the sea & with a mighty wind shall He shake His hand over the water & smite it & cause men to go over..............having shared w, you about God's ways for us, how He forbids sins, and His Fury & destruction, maybe now you will be able to comprehend Words & visions that God has given to me over the years...........READY? lets go, and feel free to contact me or any time./////////////////////
******************VISIONS & PROPHETIC WORDS FROM GOD*********************
back in my 30's I would go to sleep at night & hear seemed like millions of babies crying in the woods& I could never find them, it was so heart breaking I could not take any more & pleaded w, God to make it stop(not knowing to ask the meaning of the vision)in
2,000 I saw a vision of 911 , 1 yr right to the day before it happend ( I saw it all & heard it all, and all I could do was the same time...God said to me, all those babies that you heard crying in the woods, was all the murdered un born babies, I have clear revelation:all of those aborted babies are in heaven * & so many they take up like the space of the sky!!have all learned all about Christ's crucifixion ( all His finished work on the cross for us:they love Him & are part of His Body as we born again believers are and part of the saints already there He will bring w Him for us 1Thess.4:16,17 & before GREAT Tribulation ( Jesus' promise to us,,,Rev.3:10!!the devil can kill the body but not the soul!!!/////
**********VISION THOUSANDS RUNNING ONFIRE****************************
One day during intercessory prayer a vision came to me (thousands of people running on fire )God spoke saying nuclear ,He said, (1999) the pestilence are already everywhere , & nobody knows who they are or where they are and they were already (at that time)preparing and setting up their dirty deeds against our nation.Pestilence =terrorists. I then saw a very long red bridge go down , many cars were on the bridge, again GOD SAID NUCLEAR, God said, they were setting canisters everywhere through out our nation & not just our nation ( the World) everywhere, but the Word was about our nation, everywhere , undetected,He said, there will be multiple catastrophic events happen from this simultaniously everywhere , and we will not be able to keep up w. responding to them.Thousands upon thousands will die , He said, w/ out Him.(unsaved)
**********God's Words never return to Him void***************************************
look back now at psalm18:12,13 and Jer.49:31,32(now, look at ""Denver and their cattle, now look at how jon 10 yrs later no conviction, (looking at the woman responsible for not moving on this/ now look at the baby that was brutally murdered there, multiple broken bones, no conviction, nor does it even appear they are at all interested in finding the one responsible(yet once again) and only God knows how many more. //////////Jer.18:7 & Jer.51:1
and see New Orleans and watch:thus saith the Lord, it shall be destroyed & not be anymore, for they disobey Me & do not Honor me or My Word,(look at their disobedience,all that God forbids.////God said, "I will hsss & they will come from the ends of the earth to destroy(God uses the evil of this world to kill & destroy.//////
**********night vision,angel bowing to our convoy***********************************
Christmas Eve this year(06) in a night vision,appeared to me , an angel bowing toward one of our military convoys,with outstreatched arms towards the convoy,crying so hard, when I woke up I could feel his pain his sadness & it was so strong, it led me to ask God about the vision. out of my spirit came the words (clearly) stop, go back, do not go any further, you already have gone too far.then God put in my mind the vision of thousands running on fire, so I feel in my spirit, if we do not stop right now sending men to middle east needlessly ( now) that it is suicide.I hate scaring anyone, but I feel Iraq,Iran,Syria will nuke our guys, God said, long ago these have no respect at all for human life (back in 1999)that they will shoot square in the face dignitaries,have no respect whatsoever for the old,sick,disabled,or babies.//////
*********signs in weather,the sky***************************************************
Look at where we are right now no winter, we are 40's on up to 60's and vines are green, so this means, our crops will fail , they are not dying off to come back , so when it is time for harvest(nothing, or very little) This is God, I know the World sees & hears the World & are spiritually blind, no spiritual eyes to see no spiritual ears to hear with.they call it global warming... not without God!!!The earth belongs to God & the fulness in it is all His creation, not ours but His.
*************heavens & earth will be destroyed***************************************
let's look at 2peter3:3-13 the heavens & earth will be burned up & there will be a new heaven & new earth*(New Jerusalem) from above(this is spiritual, not at all physical)God is Spirit John4:24 & we who are His Rev.3:20 sealed by His Spirit Eph.1:13 & cleansed in His soul cleansing Blood Heb.9:11-15 & Rom.3:25 & 1John2:2 (born again, John3:3)and our earth body will die"" He will receive us John14:2 (this is resurrection to life), and God will instantly give us a new spirit body 1Cor.15:35,you do not sow that body that will be, but God gives us a body(spirit)v.38, v.40 there are terrestrial & celestial bodies, v.44 there are natural bodies & spiritual bodies v.49 born a natural body raised a spiritual body(v.52) God is Spirit John4:24 & made us in His image(spirit)God is so Holy He cannot look upon any sin, so
*******GOD IS TOO HOLY TO DWELL ON SINFUL EARTH***************************
most Holy Father God almighty will not in anyway EVER come to wicked filthy sinful earth & dwell among sinners ( THINK)(((((physical Jerusalem is in bondage while (((((spiritual Jerusalem is above & Free.1Cor.6:9,10 no sin enters heaven)note 1Cor.15:50 no flesh or blood inherits heaven.(THINK) God intended a perfect family, thru adam it failed now through Christ made perfect in His Spiritual Kingdom above not earth.
***************EARTH DESTROYED***********************************************
see Isaiah 24:13-23 the devistation on the earth will be so great that the foundations of the earth will shake from the after look *******ISAIAH.24:20 the earth will reel to & fro like a drunkard & it shall be removed like a cottage, the sins so heavy upon it, it shall fall & NOT RISE AGAIN (people)please get a revelation here!!
**************NO 2ND CHANCES AFTER YOU DIE********************************.
.Rev.20:12 no 2nd chances after your earth body will die and go back to the dust of the earth, you are what you are when you go & your sins will follow you & you will be judged by them Rev.20:10-14 when God will resurrect all hell & judge it all into everlasting destruction;the lake of fire which is the 2nd death and hell is the 1st death(DEATH of a soul that sins Ezek.18 is everlasting separation from God your life.Rev.20:10-14 RESURRECTION TO DEATH John14:2,3RESURRECTION TO LIFE in Christ when your earth body will die & Jesus receives your born again Spirit sealed by His Spirit Eph.1:13 oh yes , Jesus is the sealer & Holy spirit is the Seal!!!..............................
*************GOD'S HAND TODAY************************************************
devastation is sweeping over the world now, if you know God & His Word & the News you will definately see the Hand of God at work today.*******today is the day of salvation, tomorrow may be too late, God could require your soul this very night.Seek Him & find Him while He is still near to be found,before it is too late.on this note I will add,
**********NIGHT VISION OF RAPTURE*******************************************
God gave me the night vision of the Rapture(1Thess.4:16,17) back in 1997 Jesus appeared in the clouds on a white horse, with a constant sweeping of His arm we all ( born again, sealed by His Spirit Eph.1:13 cleansed in His soul cleansing Blood Heb.9:11-15 & Rom.3:25 & 1John2:2 )we all went up!! to meet our King of Kings in the clouds along w. all the other saints He brought w. Him!!Because Jesus was there , it is a true vision, because I went up, it will happen in my day & I am not young!!..................I will add more later. BUT for now, believe God & His Word, receive Christ as your Savior Rev.3:20 be born again into everlasting life in Christ. Next we will talk about how belief in Christ & Receiving Him onto yourself as your Savior Rev.3:20 & Eph.1:7 is your keys to the Kingdom of God!!!
***********GOD WITH ME DURING TERRIBLE STORM***************************
in Sept.around 1997, we had a terrible storm, called a down draft I think, God said it was a tornado. I woke up to strobbing lightening, as I went to close the window, God said, tornado. Then the lights went out. We were scared, feeling our way into the living room, I tried to look out & couldn't see because the strobing light was blinding(Flashing so fast,that is God ,He appears in this way as well). I cried God help me, I can't find my keys, what if we have to leave? ****God said, you will not have to leave, you will be ok. I said, ok, but I want my keys in the bowl,where are they?By His Gentle force, I was taken into the kitchen, my hand was placed behind the kitty litter & unto my keys,(There was an opening between the kitchen & living room(look through from kitchen to living room & outside)!!I must have set the keys on that shelf & They fell) I put them in the bowl & we went back to sleep. While all others were in their basements.I am not boasting here, it is testimony of God & how He helps us, when we rely on Him, when we look to Him for help...........
****************GOD'S HAND OF WRATH NOW************************************
Once again God is saying,He will tear down wicked places,another shaking of God coming soon,because they defile God's Holy Name & do away with His Word, other gods,other beliefs ,God is saying, both unbelief & rejecting Him & His Word, and the same sex marriages, people going along with this,confusing God's Children who are His heritage.Wanting to teach same sex from K Thru 12,Now you have angered God and beware,,,you do know God did destroy Sodom & Gomorrah....... these are the last days we are living in, and God will move as never before ,
**************SOULS MUST BE WON TO GOD'S KINGDOM NOW*****************
There are many souls to be won to belief in God through Christ Jesus and His Shed Blood, and to go against God so as the world is doing today, You do reap what you sow...
*************GOD SAYS NOW, NATURAL DISASTERS*******************************
God is saying, natural disasters will be far greater in number & Greater in magnitude now.....because they say, oh it is Mother always happens,Now they will say, what is going on,it must be the end of the world ,God says .......and for many it is the end of the world........Religion Religion Religion everywhere & no God no place..... God is saying, in times past I did wink at sin, but not anymore, God wants that you know,***** Time is very short now (Sept.29th.'08) God wants you to know...your time is running out. The Lord is saying, until they repent away from their wicked abominations & unbeliefs,and other gods,idols etc.turning unto Jesus Christ & His salvation He will not Repent of His anger & the wicked wrath He has planned for you.Right here.....*****God is saying, cast not away my ordinances,my statutes,judgments & commandments.......turn unto Me else I will smite you immediately.***** God is saying, how the world has done away with Him & His Holy Word.........He has removed His hand of protection,and He wants that I emphasize to you right here...if you walk in disobedience to God,He has nothing to do with you, He in no way will protect you........*****God is saying, I have once again set before you 2 paths, one path =good the other path=evil, again you are to make a choice.Will you choose God & His ways? or the evil ways of this world? God is saying to make your selection according to His Word...Without Christ you have no chance whatsoever.***** God is saying, repent away from this world & things of this world unto Christ ,walking in obedience to Me says the Lord & I too will repent of what I have planned to do to thee.God wants that you know, all things belong to Him, all money is His, God gives freely unto you &takes away; He wants that you thank Him always for what He does for you, God is not forget Me, I made the way for you, why do you not turn to Me through My Son, Jesus Christ & His Mighty shed Blood for you?Why? Do you not fear Me says the Lord? *****Thus saith the Lord, it is a mighty & fearful thing to fall into My Hands,Oh all you unbeleivers, unrepentant & Gospel rejectors.........MY hand is against thee, says the Lord.(Sept.29th,'08)

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